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Our Team is Growing

We are very excited to announce that Maria Drohan Registered Social Worker will be joining our team at Northwoods Health Centre. Maria has been in practice in Thunder Bay for several years and is looking forward to providing care for her existing as well as new clients. She sees her role as one of supporting each individual through their journey of growth.

She values collaborating with her clients to ensure that together they adjust the work they do together in such a way that it best meets their needs.

 Most importantly, she strives to create a safe space to do this work.

 Some of the elements she utilizes to foster safety include:

  • Holding an open-minded, nonjudgmental approach

  • Tailoring therapy to your individual needs

  • Creating space for collaboration and feedback

  • Striving for your best interest over my own, including referring you to a different therapist if we might not be the best fit to work together.


She will be starting at Northwoods Health Centre on January 2, 2024. Please call our office for more information or to book an appointment. 807-577-3525

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