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Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic assessments, also referred to as workstation assessments, ensure that an employees workstation is ergonomically designed to minimize the risk of injury and maximize productivity.

 Assessment are also conducted:

  • to support the return to work of an injured worker by ensuring that their workstation is designed to minimise any discomfort as they recover from their injury and prevent any aggravation of the injury

  • for workers who work from home, to ensure their home work environment is safe and ergonomically designed.


We offer on-site assessments designed to ensure correct workstation set-up. These checklist based assessments are a cost effective way of preventing any injury, pain or discomfort for an individual or groups of employees.

Where an individual is already experiencing pain or discomfort, or has an injury or disabilty, we conduct a thorough assessment to ensure they can work safely and comfortably. The assessment helps employers to meet their duty of care with a formal report provided following the assessement.


All assessments are conducted by experienced health care providers and include the following:

  • posture assesment

  • physical and muscular work demands

  • equipment and workplace design

  • environmental factors (lighting, noise and temperature]

  • keyboard use

  • pause-stretch exercises


Ergonomic Assessments at NWHC are performed by Francis Puchalski Registered Kinesiologist​

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