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Northwoods Health Centre has been in the making for many many years.  After being an associate in another clinic for 16 years, it was time to begin the next chapter.   Opening our multidisciplinary health care centre has been a dream of mine for  years and I am very excited  to provide the people of Thunder Bay and the district an amazing health care experience. It is my purpose and goal to ensure that while you are under the care of our health care providers here at Northwoods Health Centre you are treated with respect, patience, empathy, kindness and the utmost professionalism and quality of care that we collectively can provide. From the design of the centre, to the technology, file storage system, interior decorating as well as the education and training of our health care providers, we are keeping you, our patients and your needs in mind.


Dr. Kristina Peterson
Chiropractor D.C. B.Sc. 

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