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Francis Puchalski

Registered Kinesiologist

Francis Puchalski was born and raised in Thunder Bay, is a sports hall of fame athlete and has degrees from universities in both Canada and the United States. He is married, has four children and is enjoys outdoor pursuits with this spare time. He is one of the first registered Kinesiologists in Ontario, a Certified Exercise Physiologist and a Level 3 Credentialed specialist in Exercise is Medicine. He is the most experienced Kinesiologists in the region with over 20 years helping people help themselves. This includes exercise counseling and program design for clients at all stages of life including those dealing with chronic disease and injury. 


He continues to help the profession grow as part of the College of Kinesiologists as the vice chair of the examination committee and works with his professional association to advance patient access to quality regulated health care services to prevention and treat injury and disease with physical activity and exercise.

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