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Tess Ryan Nutritionist P.H. E.c. C.N.M.  

I have been practicing in the nutrition field for 7 years in both Thunder Bay and Southern Ontario.

After graduating from Western University with a Bachelor's specializing in Nutrition and Families I moved back to Thunder Bay to start my career as a Nutritionist. Since then I have earned my P.H.EC (professional home economist), CNM (certified nutrition manager) and am a active member of the Canadian Nutrition Society.


With nutrition being an overlooked practice for many years I had the privilege of creating my own proposal for a role as a Educated Nutritionist for a local fitness facility as well as a Family Health Clinic to offer a hands-on approach to nutrition counseling. I wanted to create an environment where my clients could learn, feel empowered, be accountable and be actively involved in their health and wellness goals. I have a true passion for nutrition and believe it plays a huge factor in our overall health, both physically and mentally. I hope to help my clients learn to love their bodies and allow them to work to their full potential.


While saying this, I am very excited to join the multidisciplinary team at Northwoods Health Centre where together our team can specialize in each aspect of your health.


Your appointment will be individually tailored to your needs and may include: nutrition education, mindful eating strategies, assessing health concerns, food allergies, body dissatisfaction, weight loss, weight gain, healthy meal options and sports nutrition.


If you frequently experience low energy, dizziness, brittle nails/hair, body aches, indigestion, trouble sleeping or headaches, this could be a symptom of a nutrient deficient diet. Together let's examine your diet and create measurable goals and meal plans that work with you!


 Outside of being a nutritionist I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I have an amazing fiance and 2 high energy dogs that keep me active and busy. I also enjoy competing in triathlons and bike races as a way to stay in shape. I embrace healthy eating and love the way it makes my body feel, but I also enjoy the occasional treat. I am a true believer that everything can be enjoyed in moderation and that we should have a positive relationship with food. Together lets discuss our love for food and teach our bodies to utilize the nutrients it has to offer!

Nutritional Cooking
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